As the world starts to reopen, small businesses like ours are chomping at the bit to get back to the 'new normal'. However, for now at least we will not be returning to the dance floor as face to face classes contravene the current guidelines.

Both the Cawston and Houlton venues remain closed, which makes it impossible to return even if we felt it was time to do so. So in the meantime we will work closely with the venues, following both their and government guidelines to plan our next steps, which will most likely be a phased return to dancing when it is safe and possible to do so.

We understand that others will be doing things differently based on their own views, venues and class structure, but we have to do what we feel is right for ourselves and our students. 

As the saying goes 'with great power comes great responsibility' and right now we have a responsibility to do our bit to keep each other, our friends, families and community safe and well.

Chris & Amy xx


Its always a fun inclusive class to learn to salsa! Chris & Amy are great teachers theres no pressure just lots of emphasis on having fun!

Carolyn Hayman

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