​It's sad but true, we've made the difficult but sensible decision to postpone classes until further notice.

Yes, it sucks as we were really looking forward to getting back to some sort of normal but with the introduction of the 'Rule of Six' and the news of a positive test from one of our students within the same week, we feel that now more than ever we need to do the sensible thing to keep everyone safe.

In addition, bookings for our second session were slow and confidence in returning to dancing appears to be shaken by the new regulations. Sadly it's just a fact of life that without bums on seats, or in our case feet on spots, attempting to continue at present just doesn't make financial sense.

So yes we will be taking some downtime to lick our wounds but this doesn't mean we'll be gone forever. We have plans for the future and a few ideas up our sleeve so keep your eyes peeled and we'll share some information with you all when we can.

Thanks again for all the support guys and gals! To everyone that messaged to say hello or check how we were it was appreciated. To all the Wednesday quizzers and our awesome Quizmaster Les it's been a giggle and a lovely midweek lift. To all the Sunday Salsa Zoomers thanks for getting our butts off the sofa for a good old boogie. And finally to everyone who has ever been to one of our classes, thank you for making ABC Salsa the awesome little community that it is today!

Keep safe and keep dancing, 5, 6, 7 and...
Amy & Chris xx


Its always a fun inclusive class to learn to salsa! Chris & Amy are great teachers theres no pressure just lots of emphasis on having fun!

Carolyn Hayman

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