It's time for us to say goodbye...

After 2020, or the year that never happened, we are delighted to say that our new project is well underway, and we are excited to see what 2021 brings. However, as we need to focus more and more of our time on the new venture after three fun years it is time for us to close the doors on ABC Salsa.

Not only have our classes been hit hard but our venues have had to deal with multiple closures and have tried their best to operate in line with the everchanging restrictions. Despite their best efforts lockdown 3.0 has halted play once again and ongoing the tier system will limit what these community facilities can be used for, for some time to come. We have also been advised by one venue in particular that it is highly likely that classes, such as ours, will not be able to return until Rugby is placed into Tier 2 or lower and these will need to remain socially distant. So, with tougher restrictions, unknown timeframes, and a new strain of the virus, it makes it difficult to see how classes could return at all let alone to any sort of normal until everyone is vaccinated. 

Sadly, personally we have not been left unscathed by the impact of Covid-19 either and have dropped from two full time incomes with ABC Salsa as a little top up, to one sporadic wage between us. Of course, it has been a shock to the system, and we’ve had to take some time to recover and lick our wounds. But ever the optimists we regrouped and looked on for the next challenge and strangely, just when we least expected it, a door opened to something that we’ve both wanted to do for a long time. 

Now a part of this new journey involves a house move, which despite the pressures from Covid, has ultimately led us to the decision to close down ABC Salsa. We won’t be moving too far away, and you may still see us around, but managing the new venture in addition to the distance we will be from our venues makes teaching in Cawston and Houlton just far too difficult to juggle. So, we have decided to focus our efforts on the huge work and lifestyle rebalance we are undertaking.

You may be wondering what we’re up to, but we will be keeping our powder dry on that for now. We simply cannot tempt fate after such a rubbish year and will spill the beans when we can.

As always there are lots of ideas and plans being thrown around and we are considering how we could resurrect ABC Salsa in the future, but this will heavily depend on us settling in, finding our feet and of course the Covid chaos calming down. So, take this as goodbye for now…but maybe not forever!

But before we go…

The last three years have been a wonderful journey which started with one brave student (The Lovely Liz) and ended with rooms full of smiling faces and dancing feet, trips to socials and even a live performance for charity. Sadly, over the last 9 months things have been hugely different and we all spent 2020 living virtually, which was quite frankly rubbish as we all missed dancing but more importantly, we missed people.

We had always set out to create something that brought people together to have fun, relax, unwind, and maybe learn a few dance steps as a bonus. Lockdown made it very apparent that we had achieved that, as we saw everyone pull together and jump online to keep our little community going. So, we just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that joined us virtually for Sunday Salsacise and the now infamous Quiz Night. And whilst we mention Quiz Night…we have to say a huge thanks again to Les who kicked the whole thing off, it really has been a great way to check in, touch base and have a laugh with everyone that has joined us.

Frustratingly it looks like Covid is here for the long haul, but thankfully the vaccines are en route and we can all look forward to restrictions easing as we head into 2021. One thing we can all be sure of is that the dance world will take a long time to recover, but we hope the days of social dancing with random partners until the early hours returns sooner than later. When it does please support the teachers, performers, organisers, and promoters by dusting off those dancing shoes and hitting the dancefloor even if you are a bit rusty, god knows we will be!

The last word…

We’ve had a blast, don’t get us wrong it has sometimes been stressful behind the scenes working full time and juggling ABC as a side line, but once the music started and we uttered a “5,6,7…” it was always forgotten. Most of all we had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people who embraced what we set out to achieve and helped us form our fab little community in the process. We are as proud of you as we are of ourselves for making it what it became in such a short period of time.

So, thank you to:

  • Everyone that ever came to a class or few…

  • All the intermediates and of course our buddy Brian who helped support our Beginners classes…

  • All of you who came out socially for drinks/dancing/both…

  • Everyone who forgave us for the missing coach (that will never be mentioned again!)…

  • The ‘Charity Chunkers’ who put in so many hours of your own time to practice for their performance for the benefit of St. Cross Hospital…

  • The ladies and gents who jumped in to help us teach when Chris was away and Amy was on crutches…

  • The people that helped us get going (especially Tina for our photography, Sarah for our printing, Darren for design ideas and Brian who has helped us at classes from day one)…

  • And of course, there has to be a nod to the ladies who manage our venues, without them we would have had nowhere to dance!

We hope we made you all believe that Any Body Can Salsa and we will say goodbye for now in the only way that feels right, and of course it has to be with those famous words from good old Sir Bruce…KEEP DANCING!

Chris & Amy xx


Its always a fun inclusive class to learn to salsa! Chris & Amy are great teachers theres no pressure just lots of emphasis on having fun!

Carolyn Hayman

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