It's great to finally say we're once again hitting the dance floor, however, safety comes first and we all have a part to play in keeping our community safe and well.

Please read the following page carefully and make sure you are comfortable with and fully understand the new requirements before booking a class.

Class capacity has been reduced to ensure social distancing can be maintained, therefore spaces will be available on a first come, first served basis. You will be required to make a non-refundable payment at the point of booking.  



Please read the following carefully and make sure you are comfortable with the new measures that have been put in place as part of our own Risk Assessment and also that of the venue ( Cawston Community Hall).

Before booking ensure you fully understand the new student requirements, as failure to comply with the new rules may result in you being refused entry or being asked to leave the session. 

It is at the venue's discretion to cancel our session should we or any of our attendees be in breach of any of the new terms of hire.


  1. Spaces are limited and advanced booking and prepayment are essential. We cannot accept drop-in's or cash payment on site. This is a requirement of the new terms and conditions of hire.


  1. Arrive promptly for all classes. Doors will remain locked until 5 minutes before your session starts, however, if you arrive early please wait in your car or make use of the paved areas around the hall ensuring that you are adhering to the 2m social distancing rule.

  2. Doors will be locked once all booked attendees have entered the building. If you are going to be late, text us on the number in your booking confirmation email, we will then advise you of what to do on arrival. This is a requirement of the new terms and conditions of hire.


  1. Form a socially distanced queue on the paved area outside of the hall no earlier than 5 minutes before the session is due to start. Doors will be opened at 6.55pm to allow entry to the hall. You will be required to wear a mask or suitable face-covering to enter the building. This is a requirement of the new terms and conditions of hire.

  2. Chris and Amy will welcome you to the venue, make your way directly to the function room, sanitising your hands on entry. Hand sanitiser stations have been installed at the entrance to each function room. 


  1. You must wear a mask or face covering in all communal areas of the hall, with the exception of those with a valid medical exemption certificate. If this applies to you please notify us using the checkbox at the point of booking and provide visibility of your exemption certificate on arrival. 

  2. On entry to the room you will be advised to occupy a 'spot', these are physical spots on the floor applied by Cawston Community Hall and have all been measured to comply with the social distancing of 2m.

  3. If you have personal belonging to remove, coats, bags etc. please place these around the outside of the room, being sure to store things safely as to not create a trip hazard, before taking your spot. You may only take personal hand sanitiser and bottled drinks with to your position.

  4. Masks may be removed at personal discretion, only when the dance session is in progress as per government guidance for sports, recreation and performing arts.

  5. Masks/face coverings must be reapplied if you leave your designated spot at any time, for example, if you need to use the toilet, take a phone call, leave early etc. This is a requirement of the new terms and conditions of hire.

  6. Chris and Amy will be wearing masks at all times with the exception of when they are providing instruction, at this point, they will be wearing visors.


  1. Hand sanitiser is provided by Cawston Community Hall at the entrance to all function rooms and in all rooms where handwashing facilities are not directly available.

  2. Handwashing facilities are available in all toilet blocks on site.


  1. Music volume will be reduced and Chris and Amy will be wearing microphones for all instruction. 

  2. Attendees will be advised to not shout or talk over music or instruction to avoid the production of airborne droplets. 

  3. Windows will be opened when possible to increase the natural flow of fresh air.


Cawston Community Hall have implemented the following: 

  1. A one way system: the main doors will be used for entering the building only, all session attendees will leave their session via the fire exit in the designated function room. 

  2. One in, One out Toilets: toilets are now unisex and must be used on a one in one out basis.


  1. Our refreshment stations under the current guidelines are no longer appropriate.

  2. Eating is not permitted on site*.

  3. Drinking is permitted and we highly recommend bringing water to each session to avoid dehydration. Please only use drinks bottles/containers that can be sealed to avoid spillage. 

  4. No changing of clothing will be permitted with the exception of those wishing to change into specific dance shoes. 

*With the exception of a medical need, for example, glucose replacement for diabetics. 


  1. At the end of the dance session masks/face coverings will need to be reapplied before leaving your spot to collect personal belongings.

  2. All attendees will be escorted from the building by Chris and Amy, leaving via the fire exit in the designated function room. Doors will be locked once all attendees have vacated. This is a requirement of the new terms and conditions of hire.

  3. Upon leaving the hall please respect social distancing and leave the car park quietly respecting the local residents. 


  1. Any Body Can Salsa are responsible for cleaning all common touchpoints (door handles, light switches etc.) upon arrival, between sessions (if applicable) and on exit.

  2. Cawston Community Hall has also increased its cleaning measures.


Do not attend a session or try to enter the building if:

  1. You have not pre-booked and received email confirmation.

  2. You or anyone in your household/support bubble are showing any symptoms of COVID-19.

Anyone that attempts to attend a session that has not booked and paid in advance and received email confirmation will be turned away.

Anyone that attends a session with, or develops any of the symptoms of COVID-19 during a session will be sent home immediately and advised to self-isolate and arrange for testing.

Recognised COVID-19 symptoms:

  • a high temperature

  • a new continuous cough

  • loss of or change in taste/smell

In this instance all other attendees will be asked to sanitise their hands and to vacate the building. They will be advised to take sensible precautions (laundering clothing, disinfecting their car and water bottles etc.).

In this eventuality, Any Body Can Salsa will follow the guidelines as defined within the terms and conditions of hire and will cooperate with NHS Test, Track and Trace.


Attendees will be advised to contact Any Body Can Salsa as soon as reasonably possible, should they test positive with COVID-19 and have attended a session in the last 21 days. 

In this instance please advise the NHS Test, Track and Trace of the contact details supplied in your booking confirmation, this will allow us to cooperate accordingly.


We are required to collect contact details for all session attendees, this will be done when you book online.

These details will be held securely in line with GDPR for 21 days and will only be used for the purpose of assisting with NHS Test, Trace and Trace, after which point details will be securely destroyed. 


  1. In the event of a session being cancelled due to a situation beyond our control, e.g. local lockdown, tightening of restrictions, closure of Cawston Community Hall, Any Body Can Salsa will make contact with all customers due to attend using the details supplied in their booking form. If a session cannot be rescheduled in a reasonable timeframe, payments will be refunded for all applicable bookings. 

  2. If there is insufficient interest in a session Any Body Can Salsa reserve the right to cancel and refund payments. Applicable customers will be notified by email. 


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